Cancún Laboratories

The analysis capabilities of laboratories are at international levels. Anything can be tested for, the expertise is here in abundance.

The personal is generally speaking english while they take care of you.

The all accept most insurance plans and have waiting times of less than 10 minutes.

Blood tests are done in the early morning, no breakfast prior to the tests allowed. Don't worry, we pick you up and get you back to your hotel or make a detour and you can have a Mexican breakfast right here in Downtown Cancún.

Done, what now?

Test results will be available next day. We pick up the tests for you and get them as fast as possible to your physician. He in turn will contact you and go through the results and also will notify you of any anomalies found.

You have the whole day to do whatever you want. Before the test results are known and your doctor can advance, enjoy Cancún and the surrounding locations to it's fullest.

You have quite a lot of watersport and tour activities to experience and lots of historic places to visit. :-)

Plus we get you anywhere you want.

Test Results

Based on the outcome of the tests, your Doctor will have all the requested information to propose a resulting solution. Your Health Ambassador is specialized in the planning, organization and implementation of your medical procedures. He will discuss with you all your options and help through the decision process.

Stop waiting.
Start your trip to Cancún.

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