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The Certeza® Clinic is dedicated to offering the utmost service in hemodialysis treatment and making your experience as comfortable as possible.

Treatment is administered by a highly trained team through the use of Japanese state of the art technology in a friendly ambiance and with personalized attention.

practicing Doctors at Certeza® Clinic

Dr. David Ibarra

Dra. Elizabeth Salcido

Hemodialysis for patients on vacation

Hemodialysis is a process which is performed in patients when their kidney function deteriorates. To carry out this substitution renal treatment, it is important that the patient has a vascular access. Initially the physician puts a catheter temporarily, then the patient is scheduled for installation of a permanent catheter, either of a material more resistant silicone, within which we can cite catheter hemoglide, permacat, palindrome, among other or placement of an AVF (arteriovenous fistula) that last several years for the realization of their subsequent treatment of patients. Hemodialysis is usually done in a dedicated facility or clinic as we offer accredited medical centers with nurses, doctors and technicians on hemodialysis.

The treatment exists to filter excess fluid and toxins from the body by the passage of the patient’s blood through a filter periodically. Just because you are having dialysis does not mean that your traveling days are over.

Some of the reasons why renal patients opt for Mexico are:

  • Treatment is administered by highly trained renal professionals.
  • Hemodialysis equipment of latest technology.
  • Warm environment and quality service. Patient is free to read, watch T.V., or talk to
  • Other patients and members of the team caring for him. S/He can sleep or do anything else that can be done while in the dialysis chair.
  • Being close to and interacting with fellow patients and the medical personnel in a friendly ambience allowing them to socialize with people that understand and share his condition.
  • The location and its facilities with access ramps make it easy for all patients the access into the medical centers.


Do I need reservation for my treatment?

Yes, Reservation is preferable to coordinate date and times accordingly and the transportation from your Hotel to the clinic.

Is the cost of the Hemodialysis without Eritropoyetin different?

Yes, when the hormone is applied will be an increase in the cost of the treatment.

Do you have equipment for patients that are positive for Agb, HVb, Agc, HVc and HIV or hepatitis B or C?

Yes, we have machines available in special room area for all positive patients.

The clinic facilities are well located?

Hemodialysis clinics are part of the services offered by leading private hospitals and are located near the hotel zone in Cancun downtown.

Do you work on Sundays?

Yes, there are available diverse alternatives for emergencies in private hospitals.

Can you apply Eritropoyetina?

Yes, private hospitals can apply the hormone.

Can a patient refuse the dialysis equipment?

No, our modern equipment is compatible with any patient.


Your Doctor will recommend a recovery time in the hospital or give you further instructions on how to go through the next days in your hotel and when to come back for further checks.

Your Health Ambassador will get all needed pharmacy shopping done. He will help you through the recovery process.

The only thing you have to do is to get better.

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