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Dental Evolution, Dentaris and Coral Dental Center

Dental Evolution is a primary Dental Clinic in Cancún, Dentaris is one of the oldest dental care centers in Cancun, having placed over 7000 implants from 1993 until present, Coral Dental Center is the first specialized dental care clinic in the Mayan Riviera.
Their teams of highly qualified professionals have the latest equipment and technology to provide an efficient, quality service in several dental specialties. The main principal is to provide painless treatment in an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.
Their locations allow them to care for not only patients living in the area (Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Cozumel, Merida) but also to patients from all over the world who decide to take a dental vacation in paradise.

practicing Doctors Dental Evolution

Dra. Arianna Vasquez, DDS.

Dr. David Enriquez, Implantologo.

Dra. Carmen Estrada Manzano

Dr. Carlos David de la Rosa Mendoza

practicing Doctors Coral Dental Center

Dr. Alejandro Laguna Contreras, DDS.

Dr. Marco Antonio Laguna Contreras, DDS.

Dra. Alejandra Bautista Ramirez, DDS.

Dra. Itzia Adriana Magana Diaz, DDS.

Dra. Mayra Miranda Salmeron, DDS.

practicing Doctors Dentaris

Dr. Joaquin Berron, DDS.

Dr. Hilda Navarro, DDS.

Dr. Eduardo Salcido, DDS.

Dr. Mario Bertran, DDS.

Dra. Martha Lazo, DDS.

Dental Safety

Instruments that do not resist high temperatures, such as plastics, are disinfected in a chemical solution that kills those same infectious micro-organisms.

Many implements are disposable and are only used for one patient. This includes all needles and aspirators (the plastic straw placed in the mouth to suck up saliva).

Gloves and masks are used to prevent disease transmission. Gloves are never used for more than one patient.

All surfaces are disinfected with a chemical solution specially designed to kill bacteria, spores and viruses. Protection barriers (plastics, rubber drapes, etc) are used whenever possible.

We constantly monitor our procedures in order to meet the OSHA infections control and the recommendations of American Dental Association.

The following procedures are performed:

Dental Examination
Dental Implantology
Orthodontic Treatment
Dental Whitening
Pediatric Dentistry
Night Guard
Basic Cleaning
Restorative Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Temporary crowns


Your Doctor will recommend a recovery time in the hospital or give you further instructions on how to go through the next days in your hotel and when to come back for further checks.

Your Health Ambassador will get all needed pharmacy shopping done. He will help you through the recovery process.

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